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Unitract syringes provide an automatic choice for safe, simple injections. A uniquely passive safety mechanism allows operators to control the rate of needle retraction directly from the body to help protect those at risk of infection from needlestick injuries and aerosol. U.S.-made and intuitive for use, Unitract 1mL syringes are helping to redefine injection safety standards for healthcare workers and patients who self-administer prescription medication.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"COO brought in several extremely young (inexperienced) PHDs to run the company. He fired all senior staff (management and engineers) associated with the original Unitract/ Unifill product and replaced them with a young, inexperienced staff. Took all of the functional groups (mfg. quality, engineering, product development, purchasing/planning) and split them up into product "teams". So now, each of those groups that had experienced leaders in charge of them are gone and the inexperienced leaders are calling all the shots in each of those areas for his/her team. And those inexperienced leaders don't really care too much about what the experienced people have to say about how things should be done - they know better. So the experienced people end up leaving (or get fired) and the leaders end up hiring recent grads who really need jobs and will do anything the leaders want, no matter how ludicrous it is. With young inexperienced (and arrogant) leaders comes a lot of turmoil, turnover, bad culture, and poor job satisfaction. Especially when you see certain individuals getting promoted quickly up through the ranks because they are sleeping with said leaders (I kid you not). The same individual somehow gets his/her name on many patents simply because they were present at the brainstorming session and re-stated other people's ideas. By the way - yes that seems to be how the patent holders get assigned - say something in a brainstorming meeting and it's yours, regardless of whether or not you actually have the talent to make a working prototype. Their focus now seems to be mainly on generating patents and protoypes to pharma companies to sign exclusive development contracts. In my opinion, The CEO & COO want desperately to create enough IP so that someone will buy them out. That may happen, you never know, but meanwhile, the stock price is taking a dump. Why? Because they spend money like mad - catered lunches every day, CEO drove a company-leased Bentley (presumably, because he never drove it when investors were coming in ;-), who knows what else? The press-releases seemed to stretch the truth quite a bit and there has even been a whistle-blower lawsuit against the company claiming that the company tried to hoodwink investors about their true production capabilities (settled out of court with an apology from the plaintiff, of course - hmmm). If you couldn't tell, I'm being a little oblique on-purpose so that the company doesn't try to sue me too. They are very litigious. For the reasons above, I chose to move on. Read up on them for yourself. There's plenty of info. out there if you type the right things into google."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"work you to death, but pay comparable"